We get it. Wearing a face mask doesn’t always
come naturally.  We are here to help.

Got questions? Here are some answers. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find the answer to your question here.

Should I wear a mask to reduce risk of contracting or spreading a virus ?
  • Yes, wearing a mask reduces the risk of both spreading and contracting a virus.
  • At Smask, we have done an enormous amount of research and have designed and manufactured our masks to be within the recommended specs as indicated by wide ranging and scientific studies.
  • We are confident in submitting our masks for testing by SABS and CSIR ( awaiting response)
What materials are used in a Smask
  • Smasks are made from 2 layers of 100% fine cotton, fused on the inside with two layers of non-woven interlining.
  • 4 ply protection.
How do I wash my Smask?
  • The masks are washable with washing powder/ soap, and optionally some bleach, at high temperatures, and can be steam ironed. They are therefore re-usable in both household and environments where industrial laundry is employed.
  • Dry in the sunlight if possible, but your regular laundry routine is perfect.
How long will my Smask last?

Our material & our stitching is of the highest quality. This product will last for hundreds of washes. To keep your smask crisp and smart, you could even starch it, as was always done with handkerchiefs and collars.

Are Smasks produced in safe and sterile environments?
  • Smasks are cut in a sterile environment at our studio in Salt River, by staff wearing protective clothing and observing all hygiene standards as recommended for the manufacture of masks.
  • The masks are stitched and ironed at the homes of seamstresses, also observing strict rules regarding protective clothing and hygiene. ( everyone is advised to stay home and work from home if possible!)
  • The completed masks are collected and are then subject to quality control, and a final long hot steam press with industrial equipment to ensure sterility, before being packed into bio-degradable plastic bags.
  • All activities and processes are punctuated by regular sanitation.


Whether you have a bulk sales enquiry, a question about our masks, or any other query, we will get back to you in no time!